Plot Pack Translations (ActiveX/VCL)

Below you will find several sample translation files (TRN files) for use with our Plot Pack components. The translation feature of the Plot Pack allows you to automatically have the component replace text strings in the component at run-time with a text string of your choosing. This is useful for internationalization of the Plot Components in your application as well as customizations of displayed strings in the runtime property editor, legend, cursor, tool tips, etc.

TRN Files are tab-delimited text files with English strings used in the Plot Pack in the first column and the translated text in the second column. These files can be loaded into the Plot Component or saved via the Plot Component design-time property editor for later use. Once loaded into the component at design-time, the translations will be stored into your form/dialog resources and will not need to be loaded at runtime.

You can use a translation file with any version of the Iocomp Plot Pack. They are both forward and backward compatible. However, older translation versions used may be missing newly added strings in the newer version of the component. You will need to manually add the missing strings yourself if you will be using an older translation version.


English  Download

Note: The template provides a list of all of the English strings used in the plot control for Version 3 SP2. Each English string has been replaced with the same English string with <TRN> appended to the front. Simply replace all of the text after the tab character (i.e. remove the <TRN> and English string) with the appropriate translation if editing the file directly. You can also edit the strings through the plot control design-time property editor on the Control->Translation tab.

Note: <TRN> is nothing special, just a marker to let you know you need to translate the string. It should be removed.

Machine Generated

Dutch  Download
French Download
German Download
Italian Download
Portuguese Download
Spanish Download

Note: All of the currently available translations were made using a machine translation program. Please understand that we do not have a detailed understanding of non-English languages, so the translations will probably be incorrect, if not amusing to read! 

 User Submitted

French Download (Anonymous Submission)
German Download (Anonymous Submission)

Note: We appreciate any translations files that users submit back to us. We will post these translations here with anonymously or with credit for other customers to download and use. To save the translations to a file, open the plot control property editor at design-time, go to the Control->Translation tab, then click the Save button.


14 December 2018
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V5 SP2 Released!
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