Visual C++ MFC Wrappers (ActiveX Only)


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Note: Wrappers are typically needed for the following 2 cases...

1) When updating an existing Visual C++ 6.0 application to a newer Iocomp version, Visual C++ 6.0 will not update the existing ActiveX wrappers. You will need to overwrite the existing wrapper files to access the new functions added to the Iocomp control interfaces.
2) When creating a .NET MFC C++ application. Visual Studio will create the wrapper assembly to use the ActiveX controls, but it will not generate the MFC wrapper files for accessing the methods on the objects. You need to add these files to your project's directory. After adding a member variable  for the control, you will also need to change the declared class type to match the class type defined in these wrapper files.

10 August 2018
.Net Winforms
V5 SP2 Released!
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16 May 2017
V5 SP4 Released!
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