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Steps to integrate Iocomp ActiveX controls into Microsoft FrontPage

First, open the Microsoft FrontPage application. To open a blank page, click File Menu, select New Page or Web, then at the right side of your screen, go to the New options, and select Blank Page. [Note: If you already have an existing file, click the File menu, click Open, and choose your existing file.]

Go to the Insert menu, and select the Web Component. The Insert Web Component window will display as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 1

Next, in the "Component type" list-box, select/click "Advanced Controls". In the "Choose a control" list-box, select/click the "ActiveX Control" item. Either click the Next button, or double-click the ActiveX Control item to proceed to the next dialog as shown in figure 3.


Figure 2

You can now choose the Iocomp control you wish to insert into your web-page. You can either double-click the control, or select it, and then click the Finish button. The control that you chose will now appear in your work space.


Figure 3

Note: If you cannot find the Iocomp ActiveX Controls in the Microsoft FrontPage "Insert Web Component" dialog, click the Customize button. The dialog shown in figure 4 will appear. Check the boxes for the Iocomp controls you wish to add..


Figure 4

Based in Figure 3, the iAnalogDisplayX1 control was selected. By clicking the Finish button, the iAnalogDisplayX1 control will be displayed in the Normal Page. The height and width of the control can be adjusted directly.


Figure 5

If you want to make any changes to the properties of the iAnalogDisplayX1 control, simply right-click the control and select/click the ActiveX Control Properties... as shown in figure 6.


Figure 6

Figure 7 shows the Iocomp custom property editor for the iAnalogDisplayX control. Each Iocomp control type has its own custom desinged property-editor which makes it easy to setup the control.


Figure 7

That's all! You can now add some scripting code to manage the control properties, methods and events at runtime. For more details please refer to our VBScript Tutorial or JavaScript Tutorial.



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