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What is an LPK File?

LPK File is a file that licenses our ActiveX controls when running in a Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Browser. This file must be created for all ActiveX components that require licensing, regardless of manufacturer.

Steps to Create an LPK File

1. Make sure you have installed our ActiveX components using our Product Installer (either from the CD-ROM or downloaded version). If you have any reason to believe that our components are missing license information on your system, simply open our installer from the Windows Add/Remove Control Panel and  select the REPAIR option to fix our ActiveX licensing.

2. Obtain the Microsoft LPK File Generation Tool either from your Visual Studio Installation, from the Microsoft Internet Explorer API Pack, or from Microsoft's Download File Section of their website.


3. After downloading the lpk_tool.exe, you have to Run the License Package Authoring Tool. Click Yes to accept the License Agreement. Click Unzip in the WinZip Self-Extractor Window. Then click OK.


4. Open the LPK Tool and select the Iocomp Components you will be using on the web page. Also select other ActiveX controls that you will be using on the same web page that require licensing. You can only have one LPK file per web page, so you will need to select all ActiveX controls that will be used in your HTML page. We recommend that you create a single LPK file for all web pages on your site for simplicity.


5. Click on the ADD button when you are done.


6. Click the "Save & Exit" button to generate the LPK file.

7. You can name the LPK file anything you wish. We recommend that you don't include spaces or non-standard characters in the name as to avoid issues with different server operating systems (remember that our ActiveX components can be placed on any web server OS, they just have to run on a Windows Web Browser client).

8. Copy the LPK file to a location on your web server. If you are just creating a single web page, we recommend that you place the LPK file in the same folder as the web page. If you are creating multiple web pages, we recommend that you place the LPK file in a common folder off of the root of your web server, such as /download. 

Integrating LPK file in an HTML page

To add an LPK file in an HTML page that displays an Iocomp iSliderX control, the HTML code would look like this...

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CLASSID ="clsid:5220cb21-c88d-11cf-b347-00aa00a28331" VIEWASTEXT>
<param name ="LPKPath" value="IocompLPK.lpk">

<OBJECT ID="iSliderX"
NOTE: The CLASSID must always be the value specified above. This is the CLASSID of the Microsoft License Manager component which provides licensing services to ActiveX components that require licensing. This CLASSID is the same for all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer You can only have one LPK file entry per web page!


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