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Iocomp's Plot Pack is a suite of 3 controls for use in creating professional real-time plotting/charting type applications in ActiveX and VCL development environments.  These controls are designed for engineering and scientific type applications which require interactive plotting, high-speed, and the ability to store large amounts of data.

  • Real-Time Display!
  • Zoom & Scroll While plotting!
  • Unlimited Number of X&Y Axes!
  • Unlimited Number of Channels!
  • Unlimited Number of Limits!
  • Unlimited Number of Annotations!
  • Unlimited Number of Labels!
  • Data-Cursors!
  • Logarithmic Axes!
  • Visual Layout Manager!
  • Data Logging!
  • Channels are OPC-Enabled! (Requires OPC Add-On License)
  • And Hundreds of Other Important Features!
  • Evaluation! Demo (No Install Required!)